FHE Dice Vinyl for 2 Dice
These FHE Blocks are a new twist on the classic FHE rotation board. Roll the dice to see who does what job! Someone might even get to do 2 or more jobs! (Especially fun for young children who always fight over getting to help!) NOTE: THIS VINYL IS FOR 2 DICE--1 with just jobs and 1 with just names. You roll both dice each time until you know who does what job! This is NOT the vinyl for the pictured dice, (which depicts the complete set for 6 dice). Underlay Color is for jobs and Overlay Color is for Names. With the 2 dice option, you can only choose 1 color for jobs. Multicolor only available in the 6 dice option. Also available, Vinyl for 6 dice: 1 dice for each job with each person's name on each dice. (You would roll each dice 1 time to see who does what job)